The Black Cat is an independent project that aims to document the news that matters. The stories published on The Black Cat preserve quality, completeness, and factual accuracy. It's not about being the first one with the story, it's about releasing unbiased information to the world.

Today, many mainstream media outlets lack credibility. Popular stories convey the writer's interpretation of the events, and not the events that actually happen. Consumers are conditioned to absorb opinion pieces as news. Not only does this polarize important issues, but it polarizes the masses. It hurts people. The Black Cat intends to break away from this toxic pattern.

This project is in early development at the moment, but we welcome everyone and anyone to contribute. We're still testing the waters on the kind of media we want to present, so right now we're trying everything. Breaking news, opinion pieces, photos, videos, artwork, in-depth reports, poetry, songs... If we don't yet have a category for you in the top menu bar, we'll make one! We want to give you a voice. Unfortunately, we cannot yet provide payment for contributions.

The developers of the Black Cat are based in Nova Scotia, but we accept work from anyone in Canada, about anywhere in Canada. We fully credit contributors for their submissions by default, but we will keep you anonymous upon request.

Bonnie Russell

Writer & Editor

Bonnie is currently the main writer and editor of The Black Cat. She has a background in chemistry and computer science, and technical skills in graphic design and photography.

Facebook Page: Bonnie Russell
Twitter: @bonpress


Peter Fajner

Web & IT

Peter is the one who put this website together, from scratch! He has a background in computer science from both academic and hobby experience. He is often the tech support guy for The Black Cat, and does a great job dealing with grand (and sometimes impossible) requests for the website's functionality.